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A smarter home warranty
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We take care of covered breakdowns, help prevent problems
from happening, and coordinate any home service.

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A home warranty is a great way to protect yourself from unexpected expenses associated with system and
appliance breakdowns in your home. But not all home warranties are created equal.

Most home warranties don’t offer a premium service experience.
They also focus on repairs as needed, not on long-term maintenance and care for your home.

Super is something different

Once you experience the difference between a traditional home warranty
and Super, you’ll see there’s no comparison.

Super Logo Typical American Home Warranty Logo
Subscription care
Typical american
home warranty
Breakdown coverage Available Checkmark Available Checkmark
More predictable expenses Complete home care Breakdown only
Discounts Any home service Appliances only
Co-pay, not service/visit fee Only per-breakdown Service/visit fee every time
Maintenance Reminders Available Checkmark Not Available
Home maintenance walk-through Available Checkmark Not Available
Concierge for home services and upgrades Available Checkmark Not Available
Earn Service Rewards toward maintenance needs Available Checkmark Not Available
Home data in one digital place Available Checkmark Not Available
High quality service network Available Checkmark Not Available
Visits monitored via mobile technology Available Checkmark Not Available
Fewer exclusions on coverage Available Checkmark Not Available
Helps increase home value Available Checkmark Not Available

How it works

Sign up for a Super subscription today. Then, just call, click, or tap next time you have a repair or maintenance need, and we’ll send a top servicer to get it done.

Broken fridge

Super helps you coordinate all your home needs - from maintenance to repair.

Person making a request in the app

Service is available over the phone, online, or via mobile.

Servicer appears

We send the best service providers, at the best time for you.

Repair covered by subscription

Super repairs or replaces covered appliances and systems when they break.

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Homeowners typically spend between 1 and 4 percent of their home’s value each year on repairs and maintenance. The Super service is meant to reduce those costs.

Super [is] a new online subscription-based service that reinvents the homeownership experience by providing premium access to maintenance for homes.

For all new homeowners out there, Super does the job for you. It’s awesome. They want to make the American dream of having a home so much easier, without the drawbacks.

An unusual combination of technological prowess and understanding of customer service and home maintenance and repair.

Here's what
our users say

Thomas L.
Washington, DC

5 stars

Just a note to say that I think you guys are great...Everything, from the transparency of your coverage to the ease of making appointments to the quality of your technicians, has been an unqualified success as far as I am concerned.

Heather D.
Rockville, MD

5 stars

I have been so impressed with Super since I signed up, and in particular the fact that you are actual real live human beings who call and email and that I can talk to.

Todd B.
Annandale, VA

4.5 stars

Thanks for a fantastic first experience using Super! I used the Concierge service and the best thing about it was not having to do any research to find a reliable technician. I just told you when I could be at my house and you all did the rest! The fellows you sent were very professional, friendly, and personable.

Gibbs M.
Gaithersburg, MD

4.75 stars

I always felt that repairmen do the least possible amount of work to solve your problem - especially with my home warranty. Working with Super was different - they helped me solve my problem for the long term.

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