Welcome to Urban Buddha Project

Introducing Urban Buddha.
A new kind of crowdfunding, promoting and income-generating venue that can be used in so many ways.

We combine auction, social media and crowdfunding with project-based flexibility to create a new kind of business venue that funds, promotes and pays people to create social change.

Heavily inspired by Ubuntu Contributionism, Urban Buddha was created as a sustainable and realistic way for people and businesses to help one another become more successful by giving a little to projects that do a lot of good.

How does it work?

It’s easy. You either create or back a project. We have new ways to raise funds
where you don’t even need money.
There are four ways to back projects.


Every project has a private auction. Bid to win the gifted item. Creator keeps the funds.

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Gift an item that goes up for bids. Help your favorite project raise more funds.

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Fund outright with good old fashion cash.

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Share your favorite projects and earn points that pay!

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The Urban Buddha‘s plan of action

This is how we do it. Pick a box below, discover and enjoy!

Crowdfunding 3.0

Easy to use
with new ways
to reach
more people.

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Get paid
to be
a social

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“ 5 ways to
turn projects
into pay ”

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Share projects.
earn point.
get paid.

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