Making business the heart of abundance

What can Urban Buddha do for your business?

In a nutshell, lots. Because business these days is all about building relationships and working together towards common goals. That’s exactly what Urban Buddha is all about. If you think it’s beneficial to help people create projects that improve your communities, then you’ve come to the right place.

Embrace the crowd

The ‘crowd’ are your customers. Listen to them. Support them. We make it easy to connect with your crowd by backing projects that benefit you, your customers and your community.

Empower your employees

Projects are the smartest and most flexible way for people to bring their resources and skills together. Start a project, create a contest, raise funds, be a part of the community! Check here for ideas.

Empower yourself

Crowdfunding is leveling the financial playing field and we’re here to help you take full advantage. As a member of the Crowdfunding Professionals Assoc. we are your direct link to the industries latest news and information.

Create a project

Become part of our Social Entrepreneur Training Program

Are you a seasoned social entrepreneur looking to give back? Do you want to invest in your own community with a return on your investment? Then we need to talk.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world;
indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead

Our project program offers exciting new possibilities for both seasoned and budding entrepreneurs. See how our program can benefit you.

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Gift back and get back. It’s the Urban Buddha way

Gifting is the new giving. And now anybody can gift items to our project auctions to help raise funds. But as a business or entrepreneur you have a special opportunity. Your gifts also promote your business.

You also gain free exposure by having your happy crowd praise you for your generosity. Your gifts are a catalyst to a cascade of benefits that can transform you, your business, your community... and maybe even the world!

Explore Projects to gift or fund

See what our community is creating now

People often say, ‘We’re a business. We’re here to make money right?’
And our reply is always, ‘Absolutely! And we help you do it with heart.’

This is how we help your business grow.

Social media exposure

We actively market our projects and online auctions through targeted social media campaigns. We’re promoting us, to promote you.

Better customer relationships

Establish more rapport with existing customers by contributing to projects that benefit your community. Send people to your project page and show them how you care.

Reach new customers

Gift an item to a project auction and our social sharing will promote your product to people outside your typical market.

Get featured!

Featured companies gain extra exposure being placed in top view of our site. All eyes see your brand, your logo, your project and a featured article about you!

Be happy and healthy

Check our blog for the latest articles about nutrition, alternative medicine, health and financial wellness. Learn proven ways to keep your body, mind, spirit and bank account healthy.

Gain leverage

Why waste your energy competing when you can gain more by partnering? We partner with many companies who work together towards common goals, and our partners are your partners.

Putting people before profits
is the only sustainable business model

In Sacred and gifting economies, money was used as a currency of sharing, an offering of love. Yet, for centuries corporations have been employing a ‘dog eat dog’ mentality that is meant to end when there’s only one big fat, dog left.

We here at Urban Buddha feel very strongly that we need to elevate the nature of commerce by incorporating caring into the very foundation of ‘business’. It’s why we became a Public Benefit Corporation - which is a perfect foundation for a new structure and new way of doing business.

We created a venue that rewards people, and generates income, to create social change. We celebrate healers, thought-leaders and change-makers by amplifying their voices. And bring their ideas to life with a funding venue that helps the crowd, fund the crowd.

Urban Buddha’s goal is to jumpstart a modernized sacred economy. Using gifting and a form of Ubuntu Contributionism, we’re creating a flow of abundance that we hope will spark contagious happiness and unfathomable freedom, everywhere.

We can turn any idea into an Urban Buddha project.
Need some ideas? We're here to help