Our Services

Our Services

Customized Blended Solutions for Leaders, Teams, and the front lines.

All of our services are customized for each client in order to fit just right. Our gold standard includes a blend of in-person workshops, webinars and online training targeting the whole organization.

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In-Person Training

We deliver mindfulness workshops, classes, lunch'n'learns and retreats for organizations that want to improve the resilience and performance of their teams and culture.

Our in-person training is customized for your organization, objectives and audience and is always hands-on, rooted in neuroscience, and impactful.

Whether we're training leaders at Coca-Cola, fire fighters in Prince George, students at college, or healthcare providers at a hospital, participants come away with mental health tools they can start using immediately.

Online Training

The evidence-based 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge is an online training that's just 5-10 minutes a day yet proven by university researchers to significantly increase:

  • Resilience & Mental Health
  • Self-care
  • Performance & Leadership
  • Communication & Team Building

The Challenge is comprised of short and sharp videos, podcasts, emails and texts and each person gets to take the training with a buddy of their choice at no additional cost.