Kojuba is a people analytics company.

We invent new analytical tools using network science and machine learning that empowers companies to achieve superior business outcomes.


Today’s HR tools either take too much time or don’t render enough value to organizations.

Pulse Surveys

Asking employees to answer simple questions frequently creates a large volume of data that is generally not insightful. Don’t collect data for the sake of data collection.

360 Reviews

Responses to 360 reviews are often filled with bias or strategic behavior, but no method is applied to eliminate this noise. Why make decisions with inaccurate information?

Employee Interviews

Detailed information can be gathered from in-person interviews. However, this is a time-intensive process that cannot be frequently implemented across the organization.


Using Kojuba for people analytics.

When machine learning is properly applied to a dataset, it can magnify its analytical power.

In this way, machine learning methods can generate "big-data analytics" with small datasets, which is not possible with today's most popular tools.

Humans are complex social beings. Previous attempts to quantify humans have been limited by primitive science that assumes humans are simple. Our technology leverages the power of multiplex network science to properly model human complexity without compromise.

Personality types can only indirectly suggest how a person might behave, while Socio-Metrics directly measure the actual behaviors exhibited in a given environment. Measuring behaviors more directly reduces uncertainty and gets closer to the truth.


A powerful yet practical tool for real world problems.

  • M&A People Diligence
  • Org Restructuring
  • Productivity Maximization
  • Change Implementation
  • Retention Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Culture Alignment
  • Talent Management