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Founded in Alberta, Shield Traffic Control is a niche traffic control company that provides an economic solution for all of your traffic needs.

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Red Deer

Central Alberta

Traffic Control Solutions

This company started when the need was identified of Alberta requiring fast response traffic control. We are a small personalized company that provides expert client care that evolves into mutual efficient partnerships. Safety is our priority, but we also pride ourselves on our main line of expertise and client care. Shield Traffic Control (STC) can help in any way, whether it is for highways, freeways or field work, STC is your best choice. Whatever your traffic needs may be, let STC partner with you.


  • -Traffic Accommodation Strategies
  • - Detours/Lane Closures
  • - Flagging and signage
  • - Emergency Response 


  • - Roadside Work Applications
  • - Flagging
  • - Crash Truck
  • - TAS creation 


  • -  Signage
  • - Delineators/Pylons
  • - Electronic Sign Boards
  • - Pilot Vehicles                              


  • - Alberta Ministries
  • - TAWZ
  • -ACSA
  • -Live Traffic Map                          

Keeping Workers Safe In Alberta

STC is an up and coming leader in the Traffic Control Industry in Alberta. We are committed to providing a safe work environment for both the public and the companies it services. STC is growing in the traffic control industry but has serviced multiple emergency response incidents. STC is willing to expand to include other traffic control venues. As a company, we are willing to take on new challenges, and create plans that will be safe, efficient and understandable. No matter what traffic control needs you require, STC is a great choice!

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