About Be My Medici

Be My Medici is a curated patronage platform dedicated to the visual arts

Be My Medici offers art lovers and collectors worldwide access to an exclusive portfolio of artists and the opportunity to become a patron and collector of surprise original artworks.

Be My Medici aspires to usher in a renaissance of patronage through:


Exclusive focus on the visual arts

Be My Medici is tailored to support the work of visual artists and to cater to the needs and aspirations of discerning art lovers and collectors worldwide.



Our artists are handpicked by the Be My Medici curator team to ensure quality and coherence of vision.


Surprise Originals

By choosing to be the patron of one or more artists on Be My Medici, you not only give the recipient of your patronage the freedom to pursue their artistic vision, but benefit directly from that freedom when you receive their sincere appreciation in the form of monthly surprise originals.

The originals are small-scale works sent to you in the mail each month for the duration of your patronage. We believe that by allowing artists to surprise their patrons, artwork that may otherwise never have been created will come into being. You may be surprised at how generously an artist will reward your trust. By trusting artists to do what they do best, you can bring new art into the world and into your collection.


Bridging the gap between the physical and the digital

Be My Medici is a digital platform, but it is also retro in that it revives the traditional artist-patron bond, and brings the mystery and excitement back to your mailbox.

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