When The Morning Dawns

My paintings are an exploration of memory. They offer glimpsed or half-remembered figures and faces – ‘re-imagined ancestors’ recovered from a personal archive of the forgotten. I like to work quickly using my hands as much as possible (as opposed to brushes), because that way I get a more expressive result, with the image emerging from complex layers of texture and colour.

Rebecca Wilson, our Chief Curator and Director, Art Advisory is especially excited about new contemporary artworks by artist sign painter Archie Proudfoot, contemporary figurative painter Elena Garcia de la Fuente, the bright expressive abstracts created by Helsinki’s Mona Hoel, and Roy Tyson’s one-of-a-kind art photography 1 and sculpture. Make sure to take advantage of a valuable opportunity to see some of their work for yourself while you’re there. Visit BMM Blog to read more about these 4 artists 2, and catch a glimpse of Archie Proudfoot at work in his studio…

Did you read the DaVinci Code or maybe see the movie? Did it get you interested in history and secret codes? You do not have to travel to Europe to see the true secrets from history; technology now lets us unlock the oldest secret code in the world, the bible code. For centuries there have been rumors about the secret codes of the bible. Now with the power of your home computer you can unlock the bible codes and see the truth for your self. Whether you are a true believer or a doubtful skeptic, evidence can be found with your own research on the secret codes of the bible.

Bible codes, sometimes referred to as Torah codes, have been part of the Jewish tradition and mystery for over 2000 years. In Hebrew (the language of the original bible) the bible codes are called Gematria which is a translation from ancient Greek which when translated in to English is numerology. Around the time that the Old Testament was written the Greeks were the world leaders in math, so it would be natural that they would influence the composers of the original bible codes. It is information like this that can be found in the

If You’re in the Mood for More…

Become part of the art. You can visit artist Jasper Joffe’s Brexit Photo Booth, and become part of his onsite photographic portrait documenting post-Brexit Britain, or take part in one of TOAF’s hands-on workshops to DIY and recharge before taking in the rest of the fair. Visit The Other Art Fair’s site for more details and workshop tickets. Advance purchase is recommended, as space is limited.