Patron Rewards

How do Patrons get rewarded?

By supporting an artist you are not only supporting that artist’s practice. It also gets you started on creating an idiosyncratic collection of one-of-a-kind originals sent to you by the artist as a token of thanks. Be My Medici will bring the magic back to your mailbox.

Becoming an artist’s patron also gives you access to that artist’s “Studio Space” through his or her page on the platform, where you can buy work directly from the artist’s studio.

How does the “monthly original” reward work for each of the two subscription plans?

If a patron subscribes to our Exclusive patronage plan to support one artist for a set period of time, they receive one artwork per month by that artist until the end of the patronage term.

Under our Collective subscription plans, where a patron supports multiple artists for a set period of time, they still receive one artwork per month, but at the end of their patronage term they will have received artworks from each of the 3, 6 or 12 artists they have selected to be part of the plan.

What kind of originals do patrons receive as rewards?

Patrons receive letter-sized or postcard-sized originals in the mail from the artist they support. The original sent by the artist will vary by artistic approach. It can be a pencil or ink drawing, a watercolor, a collage, a pastel, etc. You may also receive artworks in different media by the same artist.

Do patrons select which originals they will receive?

No. You just select an artist to support and then let them surprise you with their creativity. The monthly artworks sent by the artist are gifts sent by the artist to his or her patron as a token of thanks.

At Be My Medici sees patronage as a pledge of trust. At the same time we value the artist’s ability to work in the studio guided solely by artistic vision. When you see an artist who inspires you, simply put yourself in the artist’s capable hands and start building an idiosyncratic collection of originals.

What if I don’t like the work I receive in a given month?

Since the artworks sent by the artist are a surprise, it is possible that a patron will not be equally enthusiastic about every work received over the course of a patronage. But Be My Medici’s artists have been curated for their skill and professionalism, and we believe that their work will delight you more often than not.

What if the artwork never arrives?

In this case we will refund you for any month or months in which you did not receive your surprise original. If the artist is unable to continue accepting your patronage for any reason you will have the opportunity to cancel and receive a refund for the remaining term of the subscription or to pick a new artist or artists.

Can I discontinue a patronage subscription and get a refund?

Unfortunately not. But there are ways to know whether the artist’s work is a good match for you before deciding to commit. First there is the “Samples of surprise originals” section in the artist’s page. It gives you an overview of past works sent by the artist as rewards to patrons to help you form an idea of what to expect.

Another way is to subscribe to a Collective plan first and receive surprise originals from three, six or twelve artists in a single patronage term. If you especially like the work of one of the artists in your Collective plan, we’ll give you a 10% discount on an Exclusive patronage with that artist.