Become a Be My Medici Patron by supporting one or more artists from our curated portfolio. All patrons who support the studio practice of Be My Medici artists enjoy the privilege of creating a collection of original artworks.

These works are sent by the artists as tokens of appreciation, and take the form of monthly surprise originals.

About our membership model

Like our patronage model, our membership model, is relationship-based: It promotes commitment to an artist’s practice by rewarding art lovers and collectors who create long-lasting patronage relationships with artists and in so doing nurture their practice in a meaningful way.

All BMM Patrons benefit from:

  • A 15% discount on your second patronage subscription with an artist*
  • A 10% discount on your first patronage subscription with another artist to help spread your patronage and diversify your collection of monthly surprise originals.*
  • Our exclusive offers

*The discount doesn't affect what the artist receives.