EXR is a residential and commercial real estate brokerage located in Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 2014, EXR’s mission is to provide the best, most intuitive brokerage experience available. People rely on EXR to simplify and streamline real estate transactions so they can pursue what matters most to them.


Real estate is dominated by the constraints of three-dimensional space: length, width, height, and depth. As a brokerage, EXR derives its value from matching a physical asset with its purpose. After all, we are intermediaries between an owner and a purchaser.

When four walls become a house, when a plot of land becomes apartments, that is when we experience the essence of our work: the fourth dimension, purpose.

The fourth dimension finds its aesthetic basis in topology, a branch of mathematics where we can formulate and represent this fourth dimension. Common three-dimensional polygons like a pyramid or a cube can be transposed in a four dimensional space.

When a space becomes more than the sum of its parts, it's no longer just measures and angles, square feet and rooms. The three dimensions merge to let a fourth dimension rise from them.


  • May 2014

  • EXR launches operations

  • EXR launches the Hive

  • Jun 2014

  • Jul 2014

  • EXR signs lease for flagship retail location, EXR Williamsburg

  • Construction begins at EXR Williamsburg

  • Aug 2014

  • Sep 2014

  • EXR launches commercial leasing division

  • Construction finishes at EXR Williamsburg

  • Nov 2014

  • Dec 2014

  • EXR launches commercial sales division

  • EXR Williamsburg officially opens

  • Jan 2014

  • Feb 2015

  • EXR launches residential sales division

  • January 2017

  • January 2017