The 7 Minute Life is dedicated to providing you with the tools and coaching needed to help you cut through the clutter of your overwhelming schedule in order to live a life full of purpose, hope & happiness.

Ho we can help you

Set your priorities and stick to them

Learn to avoid interruptions and distractions

Master the chaos of unfinished tasks

Declutter your mind and life

Have time for the people and things you love

Increase your productivity and improve communication

How does it work?

The 7 Minute Life offers strategies to help you prioritise, organise and prioritise your life for greater meaning and productivity.


By speaking, training and coaching, Allyson Lewis, one of the top 10 most influential people in the productivity, helps thousands of people to regain their energy in work and life.


Ober 30+ worksheets, eBooks and Amazon’s best selling daily planners provide you the proven time management and productivity ideas. It’s the easiest way to organize work and life.


This is the most effective planning system to help you make the best use of your time. You can rapidly achieve goals, which are directly connected to your deepest values and purpose.

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“With humor and flair, Allyson Lewis’ The Seven Minute Difference spurs people to unlock their purpose, knowledge, and passion, and as a result, transform their lives at work and at home. Full of ideas, methods, and suggestions, it is a toolbox no one should be without.”

Ken Blanchard, Co-author of
The One Minute Manager and The Secret

“This book is for the time starved, development
driven. If ryIIou are low on time and high on talent,
you wi want to read The 7 Minute Solution.”

Jason Womack, Author of
Your Best just Got Better

“Lewis‘s refreshingly straightforward, plain-talk
approach makes for an u H ing read-it will then e
e way you live. Here’s ow to work better an
smarter, how to get more out of less; most
important. here’s how to take the right small steps
to make the big changes that get life right”

David Bach, Author of
The Automatic Millionaire