Company profile

Chongqing Yeloco Oil Purification Equipment Co., Ltd is a leading high-tech oil purification manufacturer and exporter in China. In comparison with other manufacturers, our distinctive advantages lie in the fact that we only use components of the highest quality to produce equipment that are customized and configured according to our customers’ requirements.

Additionally, we also offer the most reasonable and economical prices to our overseas clients. On top of having over 15 years of experience in the manufacturing of oil purification equipment, we also boost more than 15 years of experience in exporting those equipment to the overseas markets. Our mastery and invaluable experience in the making of advanced transformer oil purification equipment as well as every export detail places us in good stead.

All of our products are accredited with IS9001 and CE certifications. And our products are highly recognized and endorsed by our customers. We are constantly striving to produce products of the highest quality, most reasonable prices and with the best services. This is the assurance we can deliver to our clients.

Our advantages

As compare to other manufactures, our advantage is that we choose the best quality parts and configure them to customize the machine and offer affordable prices to the customer.

OEM & ODM all kinds of oil purifier machine.

More than15 years of oil purifier machine export experience has made us master every detail of oil purifier machine export.

More than 15 years oil purification machine manufacturing experience has made us master every detail of oil purifier machine manufacturing. Our factory has ISO certification, CE certification and many technical patents certifications.

We have many kinds of oil filtration machine for every kind of oil.

We make the machines according to customer’s special requirements.

We can provide the machines in any color.

Beautiful product appearance and exquisite machine detail.

We do photography and make operational videos for customers.

Free training for customer engineers and lifelong service for the oil purifier machines. We also can sent our engineers to customer place training.

Quality Control Process in the Manufacturing of Oil Purification Equipment

  • The whole process abides by the working principle of a smooth flow chart without attempting to proceed to the next stage prior to clearing the previous stage.
  • The final testing standards are implemented according to JB/T 5285-2001, “Vacuum Oil Purification Equipment.”
  • 1. The above testing process must be conducted by professional inspectors from the quality control department with professional testing instruments.
  • 2. Control of raw material: Only domestic companies that have been ISO9001 certified and well-known overseas companies can purchase original raw material and accessories. All original raw material and accessories must pass the testing process with related testing equipment by this company before they are allowed to be sent to the warehouse.
  • 3. The quality control testing of the entire manufacturing process is deemed to be comprehensive and each stage is monitored and tested.
  • 4. The testing period of the equipment must be ensured to be 8 hours and above. Prior to send the finished product to the warehouse, the sampling testing must pass the relevant standards.

Main testing equipment

Equipment Name Test Item
Water tester Test water content in oil
BDV tester Test Breakdown voltage value
Vacuum tester Test vacuum degree
Noise tester Test machine working noise
Flow Meter Test machine flow capacity
Precision analysis tester Test impurities in oil


CE Certification

ISO9001 Certification