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  • We Provide full training to Customer’s Engineers

    Chongqing YELOCO Oil Purification Equipment Co.,Ltd has a experienced training team. According to the differentiated customer’s request, we will arrange comprehensive training program respectively to ensure our customer’s staff can operate our oil purifier machine very well. Every specialist who would be the teacher of our training center has adequate know-how, practices and excellent professional background. Your training program can be achieved at your site or in our training center at Chongqing by our qualified specialists.

    I. We can free charge training customer in our factory

    II. We also can sent our Engineer to customer place if customer need

    III. We sent operation video to teach customer how to check machine and how to operate the machine step by step.

  • How to check the Oil Purifier Machine?

    How to tell that the oil purifier machine you are getting is of good quality?
    Where do you need to check? How to check?
    Take out a few minutes and have a look at our “How To Check”. Let our experience spare you from common mistakes.

    • You must choose the correct power, which can support the highest electric current of the machine.
    • Check if the machine’s various joints are connected well. Tighten all the connection screws.
    • Check if the power wire connection is right by checking the vacuum pump and oil pump rotate direction.
    • Close oil inlet and oil outlet valve and open vacuum pump to check the vacuum degree.
    • Connect the power, check the vacuum pump rotation direction and oil pump rotation direction.
    • When the oil include considerable amount of water, please increase the temperature and reduce the vacuum degree to dry the water first.
    • Please observe if the vacuum pump oil and Roots pump oil is sufficient.
    • Please check if the configuration is suitable for the oil purifier machine. For Example Transformer oil purifier machine use Germany Leybold vacuum pump Model, Roots pump model, oil pump model, filter elements size and so on.
    • For oil purifier machine, perform the checks mentioned below:


  • Customer Reviews


    Colin Johns
    Managing Director,
    From Australia

    We confirm that the Transformer oil purification series YH-ZYD-100 (6000Liters/ Hour) machine purchased from Susan Huang in 2011 year. There machine quality is very good, the machine works well, reliable and easy to operation.

    I have been doing business with Susan Huang for about 4 years now, and find she is very helpful and honest.

    I would have no problem recommending any of my friends or colleagues to business with Susan as well.

    The benefit of buying a machine through Susan is the prompt and efficient service as well as the after sales care. I would buy from her again.


    Engr. Sohail Ahmed
    From Pakistan

    We confirm that the Mobile type Double-stage vacuum Transformer oil purification machine series YH-ZYD-M-35 (2000Liters/ Hour) machine purchased from Susan Huang at May-2015. The machine quality is very good, the machine works well, reliable and easy to operation.

    Susan Huang supplied the Transformer oil de-hydration plant for our Cement/power plant power Transformers, we have used the machine for numerous of Transformer from 200kVA to 26MVA ratings, this machine work satisfactorily and test/oil analysis results after oil de-hydration were also very adequate.

    Our requirement is fulfilled sufficiently on most comparative/ reasonable price and we are very satisfied with the supply of Transformer oil purification machine by Susan Huang from Chongqing Yeloco Oil Purification Equipment Co.,Ltd.


    From Indonesia

    We confirm that the Double stage Vacuum Transformer oil Regeneration and oil purification machine series YH-ZYD-R-50 (3000Liters/ Hour) machine purchased from Susan Huang in 2012. The machine quality was fine, the durability well, reliable and easy to operation.

    Susan Huang who in charges to supply the service are friendly and could handle all question from our technique with her engineer.

    With this letter, we would like thank you for your cooperation and service.

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